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What is it to be the spirit of an age?

What stories will uncork the deities you've kept in bottles on your nightstand?

And what form will they take?

Tyranny is alive,

so is rebellion.

We humbly ask for your monsters.

Give us your poetry,

your prose,

your photography,

your art-

as long as it unearths the bodies.


Please send all submissions to

In essence, there are no rules about content.

You may submit up to 4 poems, 2,000 words of prose, and 6 images.

Include your name and the genre (poetry, prose, or art) in the file name. Ex: yourname1.jpg ;  yourname2.jpg

Please include all poems in one file. Poems and prose should be in .doc .docx or.pdf format only. All images should be at least 300dpi. JPEG, PNG, online links, pdf, are all acceptable formats. Almost anything is fine, but TIFF files are unnecessarily gigantic.

Include a short blurb about yourself in the body of the email.

We cannot accept previously published work. Also, if you were published in the previous issue, please refrain from submitting your work to a consecutive issue. (You may submit again in the future.)

Writers who are selected will be invited to participate in a reading series.


NYSAI Press holds first serial rights for material that we publish. The copyright automatically reverts to the artist upon publication. All work may be permanently archived online. We ask that NYSAI Press be acknowledged in any subsequent publication of the work.


All who submit are automatically added to our mailing list. To unsubscribe, simply reply with “Unsubscribe.”

Submissions for our Spring 2020 issue are now closed.

Previous issues are available online.

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