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NYSAI Press publishes Staten Island based literary journals, chapbooks, zines, and a biannual literary magazine featuring artists and writers with distinct voices from all over the world.

We are city, we are suburbia; we are deformed, we are beautiful; we are America, and we are forever cut from the mainland. We are NYSAI Press and pledge to present it all, break it down, fuck it up, and move it forward.

We are a volunteer-run and operated press, proud of our Staten Island roots.

Please remember, we thrive on community support. If you would like to donate, please do so with the assurance that your money goes directly back into our community. For all inquiries involving our publications or ad space, please contact us at



Managing Editor:    


Poetry Editors: 


Prose Editors:  

Art Editors:

Jenna Snyder


Thomas Fucaloro


M.A. Dennis, Thomas Fucaloro, Beth Gorrie, John W. Snyder


Julie Bentsen, Noel T. Jones

Laura Hetzel, Rachel Lyngholm, Zoë Tirado

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NYSAI Press Periscope Magazine Release Party at Deep Tanks, 2015 | Photography by Jenna Snyder

Periscope Magazine Release Party at Deep Tanks, 2015.

NYSAI Press The New Blue Magazine Release Party (for Brooklyn, NY) at Gamba Forest, 2017 | Photography by Jenna Snyder

The New Blue Magazine Release Party (for Brooklyn, NY) at Gamba Forest, 2017.

NYSAI Press editors Julie Bentsen and Thomas Fucaloro reading at Kitty Tupee, 2016 | Photography by Jenna Snyder

Julie Bentsen and Thomas Fucaloro reading at Kitty Tupee, 2016.

We distribute our magazines at the following locations on Staten Island, as well as various locations throughout NYC:



Mercy Tullis-Bukhari reading her published piece from Antiverse at Gamba Forest, 2017.

208 Bay Street

Staten Island, NY 10301

605 Forest Ave

Staten Island, NY 10310

New Dorp Library | 10306

Stapleton Library | 132 Canal Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

St. George Library Center | 5 Central Ave. Staten Island, NY 10301

25 Victory Blvd

Staten Island, NY 10301

827 Castleton Ave

Staten Island, NY 10310

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