When the Virus Hit

by Rachel Decesario



When the virus hit she was already self-quarantined

dabbing Purell under the tip of her nose
   holding staring contests with clouds
   through a grime-streaked window 


What happens when tomorrow comes ahead of schedule

as a child’s fear of asteroids colliding overhead
   fireworks in the sky like the sparkler in the hand
   sparks crawling toward white knuckles gripped beneath a sulfur moon


All my life it seems I’ve been trying to get into heaven

writing my deeds down in his ledger, he greets me at the gate
   Peter with the keys

   Paul with the sword


When Hurricane Maria hit I messaged my cousins in old San Juan

are you okay are you okay?

   When the virus hit I messaged my cousins in Rome
   are you are you okay siete bene, tutti bene?


When she croons with her pearls, it tends to sound the same

Like marrowbone, it’s a porous thing

   I think of things I could have done
   I colored inside the lines

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The Staten Island Zine League (SIZL) is a collaboration between artist Maggie Buford, MakerSpace NYC, and NYSAI Press to present regular zine workshops for local artists, writers, poets, and budding creatives in preparation for the zine fest SIZL.

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