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Staten Island Zine Fest

Thank you to all the exhibitors, performers, and attendees who made SIZL's inaugural zine fest (9.15.19) so wonderful! 🍳

The Staten Island Zine League (SIZL) is a collaboration between artist Maggie Buford, MakerSpace NYC, and NYSAI Press to present regular zine workshops for local artists, writers, poets, and budding creatives in preparation for the zine fest SIZL.

Workshops will be facilitated by rotating local Staten Island artists to help attendees learn about creating their first zines, designing layouts, and more. Prompts will be provided to workshop attendees so they can contribute. These zines will be compiled and then published to be sold at SIZL's inaugural zine fest—a day for zines, comics, readings, small press, and more where locals can buy, sell, and trade ephemera.

Presented by the Staten Island Zine League and NYSAI Press with funding from Staten Island Arts.

Zine-Making Workshops

SIZL's workshops will return leading up to the next zine fest!

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