5 best bests for Staten Island Saturday: From Culture Lounge 'Drawing' to DJ Kitty at Killme

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Watching art happen before your eyes is a rare and delightful treat.

Stop by the ferry terminal Saturday afternoon and witness it for yourself at NYSAI Press's curated show "Drawing with the Words." The local biannual literary magazine has invited writers to read their word as artists draw their interpretations.

Each pair -- writer and artist -- has a 10 to 15 minute set. After they've performed, there will be a viewing of all the art pieces.

Poets include: Eric Alter, Thomas Fucaloro, Aimee Herman, Rhonda Pierce, Marcus Romano, John Snyder, and Richmond Hood Co-founder Tariq Zaid.

They'll be accompanied by artists Enrico Arcaro, Julie Bensten, Femme Fox, Elsa Kanae Josephs, Julia Simoniello, Lea Simoniello, and Rachel Therres.

The free event takes place at 2 p.m. at the Culture Lounge, inside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George. RSVP on Facebook.

For all inquiries, please contact nysaimag@gmail.com

Life*vest*'s  poetry slam is held every 3rd Friday of the month at:


Richmond Hood Company

827 Castleton Avenue 

Staten Island, NY 10301



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